Diversity, Inclusion and Equality

Businesses that have diverse workforces are regularly found to outperform their competition, however, they struggle to recruit diverse talent.

Hexagon Group has carved a niche in this area, advising clients on DNI related subjects, as well as helping them attract candidates from different backgrounds to create more diverse workforces.

That means continuously educating ourselves on DNI subject matters, making all opportunities (including advertising, interview and selection processes, promotion and training) as accessible as possible to under-represented and protected characteristic groups., encouraging  underrepresented groups to apply for jobs with both us and our clients, and wherever possible, making every effort to identify and remove unnecessary barriers and provide appropriate facilities and conditions of service to meet the specific needs of disadvantaged and / or underrepresented groups.

It is something we also take incredibly seriously internally for our own business, and we have made every effort to create an environment that encourages and values diversity within the workforce.

To discuss how we can help you recruit in a more diverse and inclusive way, please reach out to Nikki Lathbury:

Email: nicola@hexagon-group.co.uk Mob: 07453 316435